• January 31, 2019
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Your child is heading to college this fall. After you’ve figured out the big spending issues—tuition, room, meal plan, and fees—you need to consider how your scholar will handle spending on everyday expenses, such as toiletries, supplies, laundry, travel, activities, and entertainment. Here are some smart ways to handle transferring funds and teach your child how to manage money.

With a Pinnacle Visa® Card, your child can easily access cash when needed. Your child can also use the prepaid debit card linked to the account for everyday purchases, which will allow you to see how he/her is spending the money, assuming that you’re allowed access to online statements. Your child also might benefit from budgeting tools offered as well using ManageOurCard®

We give you tools that put you in control of your financial life with features that help you protect yourself using manageourcard® secure engine. Get Pinnacle Card and shop online more than 100 thousand stores.

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